Here you will find multiple fandoms  both Sue and Wendy have written for, but not enough to constitute its own page.  Many of these were written early in our fanfic writing stages, but have been gathering dust in our files.  We’ve blown the dust off them *hack* *cough* (hands Sue her inhaler as asthma ensues) and decided to give them a potpourri room.  Enjoy! ;-)

Friends (MMPR) – Billy is abducted by Lord Zedd and becomes the unwilling participant in Zedd’s evil schemes. (First ever completed fic posted to MMPR list by Wendy)

Born of the Heart (NW Zorro) – Someone from the De la Vegas’ past returns with revenge in mind and Felipe gets caught in the midst. Can Zorro save him? (Wendy)

Behind Blue Eyes (Angel) - Set early in Season 4, Wesley contemplates his exile from Angel Investigations. (Wendy)

Everything She Does Is Magic (Buffy:TVS) - Driving home, Giles thinks of Jenny. (Wendy)

My One and Only Love (Buffy:TVS) - Not all is rosy on Valentine's Day. (Wendy)

Spiral missing scene (Buffy:TVS) - Ever wonder how Giles got out of that Winnebago? (Wendy)


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