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Major Crimes was short-handed due to crime and a flu epidemic. Simon was down to what he considered his Acore group@: Jim and Blair,, Henri and Rafe, Joel Taggert and Megan Conner, liaison from Australia.

Simon had gotten so desperate that he=d finally called around to the other departments to see if he could borrow someone to help out with the bookings and escorting witnesses or suspects. Although all departments had been hit hard, Captain Gus Simmons did volunteer to send up one man. The officer, a man named Darrow, hadn=t been given any particular assignment, as he was waiting for a transfer, and could be there within the hour. Captain Simmons was a bit vague about details and Simon briefly thought about asking a few questions, but he and Jim had to hurry to Forensics. He=d call Gus again when they got back.

As Simon hurried out to grab Jim, he noticed Blair sitting in a chair by Jim=s desk, working on a pile of not only Jim=s reports, but the other detectives= as well. In times like this everyone did what they could to help each other out. >No one is more willing to help than Sandburg,= he thought as he nodded and gave Blair a large smile and pat on the shoulder. The tall man was rewarded with a megawatt smile. Then, he and Jim, with a quick nod to Blair, headed out the door.


Officer Darrow swaggered into Major Crimes congratulating himself. >This is where I should be,= he thought. >This is where someone with my talents belongs. If those other sorry excuses for cops hadn=t kept me down, causing mistakes, making me look bad. Most of them were only promoted because of who they knew or affirmative action. Then this transfer -- just jealousy. Well, now I can show >em what I can do.= He looked around the bullpen. >Looks like they can use me up here. Look at their lax attitude. Look how they let that little, long-haired hippie sneak things off! Didn=t they see him go into that desk drawer? Well, I=ll just have to show them how this show=s to be handled.=


Blair reached into Jim=s desk, looking for something. AAww, there=s that little bottle of White Out....come to....@ He never got to finish his thought before blinding pain hit his fingers as the drawer was slammed on them. He cried out a split second before a hand grabbed his hair and smashed his head down on the desk. Then, as suddenly as it was grabbed, his hair was released. He could hear yelling and banging and he might be more interested if his head would stop spinning and his hand stopped hurting. He flinched when he felt more hands on him, but this time, the hands were gentle, not hurtful.


Darrow didn=t know what hit him. A very angry babe yelling strange words kicked him hard. As his hands slid off the hippie, she threw him to a black hiphop-looking man with a detective=s shield and fire in his eye who gave him one roundhouse punch then pinned him up against the wall. Another older black detective was yelling something about an Ellison, then reading him his rights. When did he lose control?


Ryf, who had rushed to the police observer=s side while his own partner and Megan dealt with the assailant, was holding onto Blair, talking softly, checking his head and trying to keep him from moving his hand. Megan had run to the break room and was returning with ice and towels. They were offering comforting words, gentle hands, concerned faces to one of their own.

AWhat the hell?@ Simon yelled out as he came running in.

Jim had heard the commotion and Blair yell while on the elevator coming up. Now Jim couldn=t seem to move fast enough to his injured friend. AGod, Chief, easy. Let me see.@ He checked Blair out carefully, removing the ice to get a good look at his head and hand, checking his eyes while gently cupping his head.

Glancing at his injured team memeber and his up-in-arms detectives, an angry Simon was going to get to the bottom of this. The man pinned up against the wall by a very pissed off Brown looked like a good place to start. His voiceas cold as ice, Simon walked over and asked, ACare to explain?@

Darrow sqeaked out around the arm across his throat, AI was just trying to put that hippie punk in his place, sir. I thought he was stealing something from the desk.@

Out of the corner of his eye, Simon saw a cold and deadly Jim Ellison heading straight for Darrow and he manuevered deftly between them. AThere=s too much mess and paperwork if you kill him, Jim. Then there=s the body to dispose of.@ He placed a hand on Jim=s shoulder. AGo see to Sandburg. Take him to the emergency room and keep us informed. Trust us, we=ll take care of this.@

Simon turned back to Darrow. ADidn=t you see his police ID or do you just go slamming people around. Sandburg can press charges for assault if he desires and he=s got very good witnesses.@

Darrow=s eyes opened wide. APolice ID? He didn=t look like a cop to me.@

Brown leaned in real close and ground out, AOh yeah? What=s a cop suppose to look like?@

Simon looked around. AWould you detectives mind keeping this *person* here >til I can call his superior?@ It was a useless question as he knew what the answer would be.

Jim flashed a frigid glance at Darrow as he gently escorted a trembling, injured Blair, holding an ice pack to his face, out the door. He knew Blair was not one to take this kind of abuse lightly, like him, but he knew just by the look on Blair=s face that he was dazed and not ready for such a situation.

Darrow decided that when the one called Ellison came back, he didn=t want to be anywhere nearby.


Simon returned soon after talking to Captain Simmons. A*Officer* Darrow, and I use that rank for the short time it will be applicable, your captain is sending up two of his men to escort you down to a holding cell. It is best if none of my men should be alone with you. Your transfer out of the Cascade Police Department will be expedited. And I will back to support Mr. Sandburg, should he file assault charges.@

Two police officers from downstairs came up to take charge of Darrow, expressing profound apologies not only from their captain, but from their whole department.

AOkay, Brown, you can release him to these officers,@ Simon said to the dark, hip detective. ABrown. . . uh, Brown, now release him.@ When Henri reluctantly stepped back, Simon said, AThank you,@ allowing the officers to take Darrow out. Several sets of angry eyes followed his departure.


The detectives returned to their work, but concern for their police observer/Major Crimes mascot kept them preoccupied. All was silent until Simon stepped out of his office.

AJim just called,@ he announced, grabbing all in the bullpen=s attention. ABlair has a good knot on his head, a terrific headache and his fingers are badly bruised and swollen. Jim=s gonna take him home. They both thank you for your quick actions. It could=ve been worse. They=ll be back in tomorrow.@

Smiles broke out on all the faces of Major Crimes. AAll right!@

Their team just wasn=t complete until Jim and his partner, Blair Sandburg, were there to fill the void.


The end

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