Path of the Panther


Welcome! Here you will find several paths with which to choose your destination. Each path will lead you to an interesting site into Inquieri and his Shaman, known to others as Detective Jim Ellison and his partner Blair Sandburg.

Links, etc.:
Nightowl's NestInformative site all related to The Sentinel links, canon TS bible, etc.
My Domain Val's page of links, Sentinel and others
TACS' Art Gallery Wonderful art stationed here
Nena301's Home Page Links
THE SENTRY BOX Check out the synopsis for Sheila's Sentinel novella, Families, here
Art by KOZ Check out the wonderful art of KOZ. Here are illoes from not only the TS universe, but others.

Sentinel Fanfiction:
Guide Posts The Ultimate Sentinel Fanfiction Archive is here, maintained by the overworked and underappreciated Archive Elves
Cascade Library A supplemental Sentinel Fanfiction Archive, maintained by equally overworked and underappreciated librarian.
WOLFPUP'S PAGE links, fanfic, and more! Find out what Arkadas means
TVLIT 101 Terrific fiction by D.L. Witherspoon.
A Sentinel's Guide Kris Williams' fanfic
SANTANA'S PLACE, The Sentinel fanfic and links
FanFic Sentinel fanfic from Germany
Rhonda's Sentinel homepage links and fanfic
Hargrove Vault fanfics by Daenae, Martha and Anne Murdoch
Sentinel Fanfic fanfics by Becky Brewster and Robyn
The Temple Of Smarm home of Nobleone herself, Kitty
Chaos Central: The Sentinel fanfics by Majik
Fanfiction DannyD's Sentinel Fics
Fiction Index fanfics by Suzie
CN HOWARD: A Reel Character fanfics by Tapu
you have found ZADRA'S SENTINEL PAGE pics, links, and fanfics, especially Zadra's ongoing fantasy fanfic, Sentry Duty
Shycat's Sentinel Domain fanfic
Mercury's Room fanfic by Lollibelle
Katie's Smarm Zone Wonderful smarm by Katie. See smarm fiction from not only the Sentinel, but Magnificent 7 and Stargate SG-1.
Idol PursuitsHome of Mackie's cool fics as well as equally cool fics by JustJen, Cheyenne, Shiloh, Tate, Shelly, Sue Wells, and Jackie Lang
Blair "Angst" Fiction Wonderfully angsty and smarmy fiction by DawnC. Also check out her legal research page and postcards page.
The Browsery Fiction forged by Hephaistos
StarPlaza's Sentinel Saga
Sentinel Stuff Fiction by OranJa
Sierra's Fanfiction
Trekkieb's Sentinel Site
Online fanclub:

3179 at The Sentry Post
Tribe Cascade Check out the only newsletter devoted entirely to The Sentinel

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