There can be only one....Richie Ryan! Here you will find all of Sue's wonderful HL fics, some which have been posted to zines and most which have been archived at Seventh Dimension archives.

Season 1
  • Twelve Days in February : The antique store "family" seems to be falling apart: Tessa's grandmother is ailing, Duncan has a mysterious admirerer and Richie finds a dead body in the alley
  • Easier Said Than Done- (originally posted in Highland Blades #4): Richie is the witness to a murder in Seacouver and runs away. . .to Cascade. (x-over with The Sentinel)
    Season 3
  • Revenge of Darkness & Light - (originally posted in Rules of the Game #4): The return of Gregor Powers spells trouble for Richie and Duncan
    Season 5
  • Bloodgem (originally posted in Rules of the Game #3): Duncan turns to an old friend to get help for Richie, but the friend has something else in mind.

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