Welcome to the realm of MyDad. Known as Moonshadow in some poetry webcircles, MyDad has ventured creatively into the arena of fanfic, namely Sentinel Fanfic. Here are only a few of his offerings. His original poetry will appear again as soon as the webmistress gets ahold of the disks.

Disclaimer on all fanfic: Don't own them in any shape or form. The cast of The Sentinel belongs to PetFly and its respective corporations. All fanfic pieces are written for enjoyment and not monetary gain.

I'm Looking Through You: Jim and Blair are stuck with babysitting an arrogant councilman bent on destroying an old landmark. In the meantime, Blair has his own mission.

Gift of the Magi A Sentinel twist on the O. Henry Christmas classic.

LokumCOMING SOON! Blair is asked to go to Turkey to retrieve an artifact for Rainer and Jim goes with him. Simple, right?

There's more from this wealth of knowledge! Need to know about firearms, bullet wounds, military, Turkey (land, language & its people)? Let him know!
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