My Treasure of Links

My Treasure of Links

Here are a few links to other wonderful sites that also hold my interest and hopefully for you as well.

Hercules:The Legendary Journeys

Michael Hurst - Our Favorite Greek Hero For those who enjoy Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and especially his blonde friend, Iolaus.
The Iolausian LibraryWhat better place to store the chronicles of our beloved Golden Hunter :-)
Want to send Iolaus to a friend? Here's how :-)


BeastmasterHere is the official site the newest present from Australia - Beastmaster
SapphireMage's Beastmaster siteCheck out this wonderful dedication to this wonderful show.

Magnificent Seven

M7 Fanfic ArchiveDrop by and read about seven men whose one destiny changed the West.
The Magnificent SevenWonderful site of fics and pics
Black PowderFind out what guns the Seven use as well as browse around the pics and fics
Zen's Magnificent Seven PageThis site not only has wavs, but pics and transcripts of the eps
Ride with The Magnificent SevenIndeed, do.
MGM's Magnificent 7The official site from the company that owns em.
Desperado Daughter's M7 ficDefinitely a good read
The Ace of SpadesThis site has a LOT of stories for those Brigadears out there - dedicated to that gorgeous gambler, Ezra Standish
Blackraptor M7 Fan FicAnother good archive of fic. This one actually has labels for specific Aus.

Miscellaneous Fanfics

FanFic DirectoryAn updated version of of ALL the fanfics on the Web.
Fan Fiction on the Net An eclectic collection of Fanfics on the Web.

For those who are looking for an alternative to modern medicine, here are two links you might find informative:
Algy's Herb page - Apothecary
Herbs by Symptom

For those looking for Graphics, try these places:

Debby's animations INDEX a wonderful collection on animated gifs
MOYRA's WEB JEWELS: Mine Entrance

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