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Welcome to MyMom's Room. Come in, kick your shoes off and sit on the sofa. There are some milk and cookies on the table for you to munch on while you stay. There's also some reading material here for your fanfic pleasure. I put up a page to house my fics, and now it's time for mom to have a page for hers. Enjoy. :-)

Disclaimers: All recognizable characters of "The Sentinel" belong solely to Danny Bilson, Paul DeMeo and PetFly Productions. No profit was made in these, just the enjoyment of the show and writing.

MyMom's Fanfics:

Boo!-- MyMom's 1st venture in fanfic of any kind. A stakeout at the cemetery leads to some humorous results.
Innocence-- A visiting politician and his staff brings up some unpleasant memories for Blair.
Exact Change-- A rendezvous with a snitch doesn't go exactly as planned.
Camouflage-- Jim has amnesia and is lost in a wood filled with survivalist terrorists. Will he remember his Sentinel life before Blair dies?
Book Covers-- An unsuspecting police officer finds that Jim Ellison isn't the only one who's protective of a certain long-haired, neo-hippie anthropologist police observer.
Close as a Heartbeat--An assassin that leaves no clues is after a department-protected witness. What he didn't plan on was a Sentinel detective and his Shaman/Guide.

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