This is where my little obsession of The Sentinel can be sated. "The Sentinel" is a Pet Fly Production action show starring Richard Burgi, Garett Maggart, and Bruce A. Young. Sci-Fi Channel shows the reruns (check listings). WHOOPEE!

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Disclaimer: All recognizable characters of the show "The Sentinel" are sole property of PetFly Productions, namely Bilson and DeMeo. They are NOT mine...*sigh*...I just borrow them from time to time. I return them relatively undamaged, honest. ;-) No money or anything like that was made in this, just the enjoyment of writing and adventures that tide me over until I see them again. :-)

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Abuse of Power(with Brenda Knodle) -- What will Jim do when he discovers a fellow boy in Blue is abusing his Power?
Family-- my 1st ever TS fic. A epilogue to Rhonda's "Payment". It's been several weeks after Lash tortured Blair and his mother. Jim finds out what family is.
What Friends Are For-- Answer to No-Owie smarm challenge. When Blair starts exhibiting odd behavior, Jim goes to find out why.
A Brother by Choice-- Blair, Jim and Stephen go camping and well, things don't go completely as planned.
Breaking Ground missing scene-- It's the aftermath of the case, and all is not how they seem. What is Blair hiding from Jim?
Second Chances missing scene-- What happened after Blair regained consciousness?
Good Night, Sweet Screams-- Missing scene to Girl Next Door. What happened after the 7-course dinner and why didn't Blair eat?
I am a Rock-- A look at how far Jim Ellison, Sentinel of the Great City, and Blair Sandburg, his Shaman, have come since Switchman.
Dah doo-ay wah! just humorous fluff with Jim, Blair and a Furby. J

Free -- COMING SOON! tag to "Prisoner X". Blair helps rid Jim of his memories of Starkville.

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This page has been awarded the Links2Go Award in the Sentinel topic!

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