When the West was untamed, heroes were needed. Heroes who wouldn't back down in the face of trouble. In Four Corners, seven men answered the call for help. These are the tales of those men, known as The Magnificent Seven.

In the present, heroes are still needed. And in Denver, the Seven ride again (thanks to Mog), as federal agents of the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms). Some of their casefiles are also profiled here.

All will be here soon as I get the stories reformatted to this page.
  • Book I: Embers Not all cases end tidily. Something's bothering Buck and it spells trouble for Team Seven.
  • Book II: FlamesBuck and Ezra may have survived, but it's not over. Plus, what's Buck keeping from Chris? (Up soon)
  • Book III: Soon!

  • Still -- The most dangerous weapon a person has is his tongue. JD and Buck have an argument, but when Buck gets hurt, will it be too late to make amends?

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    Wendy's Stories

  • In My Life -- Josiah becomes retrospective after a bust. (ATF songfic)
  • I Hope You Dance -- It's the anniversary of Sarah's & Adam's death and Chris & Buck reflect. (ATF songfic)

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    The Jungle